1 June 2016

The workshops at MAB16 are an interactive, dynamic forum leading up to the symposia and conference, with an opportunity for exchanging ideas, forming communities, sharing knowledge, getting in touch, networking, inspirations, prototyping and much more.

MAB16 will include a range of academic, industry, and artist-led workshops.


Academic track
Arts track
Industry track

Workshop keynote

Cities in the age of the platform: getting the deal right on city data

Today’s cities are full of data. As the majority of our interactions become in some way mediated by digital platforms, cities are becoming places of data abundance. It is the abundance of data that inspires the possibilities of smart cities and data-driven economies, in which data becomes the ‘new oil’ of the twenty-first century, a fundamental infrastructure underpinning a new era of urban innovation. But how accessible, really, is this data, and to whom? Despite the possibilities of new services and efficiencies resulting from big data value chains, there remain profound challenges in putting city data to use in ways that support key urban challenges. This presentation discusses the rise of the smart city and looks at how digital platform strategies are shaping our cities' data ecologies, and puts forward a call for a new deal on city data to support city innovation through productive collaborations between government, the private sector and citizens.

Workshops venue

MAB16 workshops will be held at UNSW's Michael Crouch Innovation Centre.

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre

Michael Crouch Innovation Centre
The University of New South Wales, Sydney NSW 2052

Workshop chairs

[email protected]

  • Luke Hespanhol


  • Alexander Wiethoff